Step 1: Select the Content Dashboard from the left sidebar.  Then select My Buckets. 

Step 2: You will need to put all of the images you wish to upload into one folder on your computer.  

Step 3: You will need to create a CSV (comma-separated values) sheet with the image names and captions. 

Go HERE to access our sample CSV Google Sheet.

(Tab 1- Instructions / Tab 2- Sample CSV / Tab 3- Date Based Sample CSV)


     A. Make a copy of the CSV Google Sheet. (File > Make a Copy) 
     B. Click on the bottom tab that says Sample CSV.
     C. Type in your file name in Column A 
      (what you write in Column A MUST match the Exact name of the file you are uploading)


     D. Type in your caption in Column B 
     (captions are what you want to say about the image on your post. )
     E. Save the file as a CSV File.  Go to File > Download > Comma-Seperated Values- .csv, current sheet)
     F. Combine all of your images and the CSV file into one folder on your desktop. 
     G. Compress that folder into a zip file. 
     H. Upload the Zip file.  Choose File under Add Zipped Package.  Hit the Save Changes button. 
     I. Once the files have been uploaded you can edit the captions if you want to.  And you can choose if you want those              images to be watermarked by selecting the button above the Randomize Bucket button.